Atomic Folk Art
is taking a short break

Unfortunately we are unable to maintain our online shop while we are traveling for expos we are attending around the country. We are planning on opening it back up in November as soon as possible for holiday sales. In the meantime, if there was anything specific you were looking at while the shop was open, or anything you'd like to see if we have in stock feel free to message us. There's always a chance we can still sell/ship pieces in between expos if we have them in stock, we just don't have the time to list/maintain everything online while traveling so much.
Thanks so much for your interest in our shop! Please don't hesitate to message us with any questions or inquiries.

Come see our work in person on these dates at the Oddities and Curiosities Expo:
Richmond 8/14
Chicago 8/28
Denver 10/2
Portland 10/16
Seattle 10/30

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