An intergalactic oddities emporium run by a group of mysterious individuals...

Atomic Folk Art is a family run hobby business that was created in early 2016. We specialize in the creation of oddities such as: displays & jewelry made with real animal specimens (insects, bones, taxidermy, etc.), alien weapons, intergalactic trinkets & space trade souvenirs, apocalyptic artifacts and “photography” from far off worlds (hand-cut collage works). Sounds like a lot of random things jumbled together? Well you’re right, as a group we have a lot of different interests that have been compiled to create the collective that is Atomic Folk Art. We love retro/pulp science fiction, steampunk, victorian gothic and mid-century modern styles, as well as surreal/psychedelic art and all things strange or macabre. We are also admirers of antique & vintage items so a great deal of effort goes into trying to reuse and repurpose as much as we can in our creations. Reduce, reuse, recycle!

Natasha (Earth name: Cheyenne Croy)
The Professor (Earth name: William Wayland)
M. Raul (Earth name: Paul Croy)
Magz (Earth name: Claudia Croy)

Natasha and The Professor specialize in various types of unique specimen displays. Since their arrival here, they have become very fascinated with the animal life on this planet and have taken to creating displays that represent the beauty, awe and wonder of Earth's natural life. They also dabble in visual art forms; see the "Intergalactic Photos" section of the shop to browse images they have captured depicting far away worlds.
M. Raul is the supplier of the alien weapons and otherworldly tourist trinkets that we sell here. Raul is a well-traveled man you might say, he collects items sold in the intergalactic tourist trade, as well as used arms and occasionally other unique weapons, which he then transports back here to sell to you Earthlings. He is also our travel expert and the leader of our group of bandits; he assures that we remain hidden and undercover on this planet, out of reach from the intergalactic oligarchy.
Lastly, Magz is our treasure hunter and professional salvager. She has become well versed in Earth's material culture (past and present) and is an expert at rescuing vintage and antique items that we then repurpose into our displays.
Overall, we try to provide our buyers with unique items that are not often found elsewhere on this planet. We hope you enjoy!

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